AI Smart Grills Promise to Level up Your Meat Game

  • For $3,500, the Perfecta grill uses heat sensors and AI to find the right temperature and sear.
  • The NeoSear uses a generative AI assistant to grill meats to a user’s preferences.
  • Both high-tech grills are advertised for all grilling skill levels.

Outdoor cooking got a techy twist at CES 2024.

Two companies are promising that artificial intelligence can help you achieve grilling perfection. Brisk It and Seergrills both offer smart grills that use mobile apps to get the right temperature and sear for your meats.

The Perfecta by Seergrills uses technology that it calls NeuralFire — powered by a processor and sensors — to cook food to the user’s desired doneness.

The company claims it can cook a 1-inch ribeye steak to perfection in 90 seconds. The company lists the suggested retail price at $3,500.

Seergrills app

Seergrills offers smart grills that use a mobile app to get the right temperature and sear.


Using the app, cooks can choose their protein, the cut of meat, and their preferred sear and temperature. The Perfecta will handle the rest.

If you’re looking for something that more closely resembles a traditional barbecue grill, Brisk It offers the NeoSear grill.

The NeoSear comes with a “real-time AI grilling assistant,” Brisk It CEO Christopher Huang said. It’s an assistant you can ask cooking questions and give orders according to how you like your food seasoned.

Brisk It NeoSear

Brisk It has yet to publicly release a price for the NeoSear.

Brisk It

The grill combines wood pellets used in traditional smokers and an electric heating system to sear and smoke meats depending on a user’s inputs.

“Imagine speaking with your grill, saying anything that you can think of, and then having the grill creating and cooking the perfect customized recipe all on its own,” Huang said in a statement.

An earlier version of the tech — dubbed InnoGrill 1.0 — only worked from preset menu options. Now, InnoGrill 2.0 uses generative AI to make user’s requests a reality.

Brisk It has yet to announce a price for the NeoSear. Other smart grills from the company cost up to $1,400 online.

With these two smart grills at CES along with an indoor smoker, there’s one thing for certain: BBQ aficionado Mark Zuckerberg has plenty of options if he’s ever looking to upgrade his setup.