Dune cast has confused reaction to Florence Pugh describing a full English breakfast

It seems that Florence Pugh’s strong affinity for British food can’t be said for the rest of her Dune: Part Two cast.

In a recent video interview for Vanity Fair, the Dune: Part Two cast was tested on how well they actually know each other. Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, Austin Butler, Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem, and Pugh all took part in the quiz, as they each took turns reading aloud cards with questions about themselves written on it.

At one point during the joint interview, Chalamet asked his Little Women co-star what her go-to breakfast order is. Pugh instantly let out a big exhale, seemingly in ponderance over such an important question. “Depends on how hungry I am,” she replied.

When the Wonka actor instructed Pugh to reveal her ideal “hungover” meal, she said: “A full English version.”

“Sourdough, beans, bacon, fried egg, little bit of spicy thing on the side,” Pugh began, describing her perfect full English breakfast. “Some tomatoes, sausages, English sausages, ketchup, HP sauce, runny yolk.”

While the Don’t Worry Darling star detailed her favourite meal, Butler – who was sitting next to her – nodded intently and widened his eyes at the elaborate breakfast. He even turned toward Brolin, who was sitting behind him, as Pugh answered the question.

Zendaya then chimed in and admitted that she’s not the biggest fan of beans on toast. “See, I can’t get with the beans on toast,” she told her co-star. “I can’t quite. I’ve tried to understand it. And I just, I can’t.”

A clip from the interview moment was shared to X, formerly Twitter, where it went viral with more than 900,000 views. Many fans pointed out how confused the rest of the Dune cast appeared as Pugh described a full English breakfast, and took to the platform to share their reactions.

“Their reaction to Florence talking about classic British food,” said one user on X.

“Look at Austin’s face hahaha,” one person said, while another agreed: “His look of disbelief ended me.”

“Austin is gobsmacked,” someone else pointed out, as another wrote: “Why do I love Austin’s reaction so much? Lol.”

Meanwhile, one person admitted they were “with Zendaya in this” and couldn’t “even comprehend why beans on toast even exist”.

Another user said that they “love how much [Pugh] loves food,” adding: “We would be good friends.”

The Midsommar star has never shied away from discussing her passion for food and cooking. In fact, Pugh launched her very own Instagram cooking show, “Cooking With Flo”, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2020, she became known for filming herself cooking dishes and posting them on Instagram Stories. Pugh made several dishes throughout the series, including homemade marmalade, pasta from scratch, tzatziki, and ratatouille.

That same year, she put her knowledge of English cuisine to the test during a video for Vogue, in which she ate a 12-course menu of classic British foods. She was also featured in another Vogue video where she “showed off her cooking skills” and prepared a garlic crostini.

Last year, the 28-year-old actor hinted that a TV show version of “Cooking With Flo” was “definitely in the works”. During an appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Pugh said that there had initially been “real conversations” about turning the series into a full show.

“Due to shooting schedules and it not quite being the right style of show, we had to just put it on a back burner,” she said, adding: “But it’s definitely in the works, it’s happening. We’re trying to make something happen.”