What’s the Difference – Himalayan Goji Or GoChi Juice?

Goji juice is everywhere you turn around, at least on the internet and in health food stores. Himalayan Goji Juice, manufactured by Freelife International in 2003, was the first juice blend to be widely available.

For thousands of years, Asian tribal healers used goji berries for the tribe members, along with other native foods and local herbs. Those who ate these berries are said to have lived longer than anyone else, some living to be more than century long lives.

Although Himalayan Goji Juice was the craze, it wasn’t the best juice that provided the most nutrition it could. As a result, Freelife began scientific studies on the effect a new and improved juice had on humans. With more research and planning by scientists, GoChi Juice was processed, manufactured and labeled for sale in 2008. Today, GoChi is available in roughly thirty countries.

What’s the Difference: Himalayan Goji or GoChi Juice?

Himalayan Goji Juice is the original supplement juice that Freelife manufactured. This juice is 92.5% berry extract and 7.5% apple, pear and grape juice with distilled water. The extract is roughly equal to 2 pounds of fresh berries.

GoChi Juice also contains 92.5% extract and a 7.5% blend of other juices. However, GoChi contains more LBP’s, which basically means it is 30% more effect. Freelife wanted to know just what GoChi contained and how the body would implement it. So, three scientific studies were conducted, which allowed them to document and further study the effect it had the human body.

The actual berries used in these different juices come from the same place: the Himalaya Mountains. So, the biggest difference is how the juice is manufactured and blended. There is not a big price difference in the two juices either; GoChi is two dollars more per case.