What Is Matcha Tea And What Are Matcha Green Tea Health Benefits?

What Is Matcha Tea And What Are Matcha Green Tea Health Benefits?

Matcha tea is a natural tea from Japan green tea leaves. The leaves are dried through a special procedure and then the leaves are grinded to make a fine powder of it. It is a very rich source of essential nutrients and antioxidants, fibers and amino acids. Apart from drinking it as tea, it is widely used for flavoring various kinds of food items such as cakes, candies, noodles, smoothies, ice-creams and lattes. Some people also like to consume it by mixing it with other kinds of teas and even with alcohol.

Tencha is the name of the leaf that is utilized for preparing Matcha. In order to make tencha, the harvesters put mats over the tea bushes so that it is completely covered so that direct sunlight does not come in contact with the tea bushes. The growth of tea bushes takes place at a slow pace under the covering. It first produces amino acids. Production of amino acids brings about two changes. First, the tea becomes sweet and second, the leaves become dark. It attains dark green color. The leaves are then harvested by drying it flat indoors. All the stems and veins are removed from tencha. The best quality ones are ground by using stone and the ones that are of low quality are ground by using a machine. The resultant powder is nothing Matcha green tea powder.

When you compare Matcha tea with any other type of tea, you will realize that former is blessed with numerous health benefits. One of the reasons is that while making Matcha tea powder, not just the buds but the entire tea leaf is used. Also, it contains a very low quantity of caffeine. Here are the some of the benefits associated with Matcha tea:

When matcha tea is prepared for grinding, the harvesters cover it securely so that sunrays do not reach the leaves. This procedure helps in maintaining the cholorphyll content of the tea. Since the presence of cholorphyll is present in good levels in Matcha, it helps in eliminating the toxins from your body.

Improves your concentration
When you are having a tough time concentrating on your studies or work, have a cup of Matcha tea and see how it helps you in staying focused. It helps in improving your reflexes and makes more alert. Also, it does well in soothing your mind. This helps in staying calm.

Weight loss
People do a lot of things to shed weight. One of the most effective ways of shedding off oodles of weight is to drink Matcha green tea regularly. The three vital elements of it namely catechin, caffeine and theanine greatly help in losing weight. Also, it will prevent your body from accumulating fats. It has the ability to heat inside our body which in turn helps in elevating the metabolic activity of our body.

Do you often suffer from fever and cold? The reason behind this is that you do not have a strong immune system. In other words, the defense system of your body is not that strong it stops any disease from occurring. Drinking Matcha tea greatly boosts your immune system and you will not become victim to viral attacks and cold frequently.

For the preparation of Matcha tea the entire leaf is used which makes it possible to utilize all the essential nutrients of the tea leaves. Lime juice and blueberries are considered to be rich source of antioxidants. However, Matcha tea is known to have even more higher content of antioxidants.