Warning – Do Not Buy Mangosteen Juice Until You Read This Article

Looking to buy mangosteen juice? There are some important things you should know before you buy or purchase mangosteen juice.

1. Easy Ordering Online. You can buy mangosteen juice online through secure ordering sites. Using your credit card from the comfort of your easy chair, you can place an order to buy a case of mangosteen juice with your credit card. The ordering sites are secure, so you do not have to worry about identity theft.

2. Delivery Straight To Your Doorstep. Once your order is placed, the mangosteen juice is delivered straight to your door by UPS. No going to the grocery store to have your car dented in the parking lot. No fighting the lines at the checkout stand. Each case has four bottles that come packed in a Styrofoam case. The juice is also available in small one ounce packages that are great for travel or for use as samples.

3. Don’t Pay Retail When You Can Pay Wholesale. Most of us belong to either Sam’s Club, Costco, or some similar wholesale buying club. By paying a small membership fee, you are able to buy at wholesale rather than paying retail in other stores. By paying the $35.00 membership fee, you can buy at wholesale and not lose almost $14.00 per bottle. In fact, you save enough on a one case order to more than get back your membership fee.

4. Do Not Buy Any Mangosteen Product That Does Not Contain Whole Fruit. There are a number of mangosteen products on the market today, including a number of knock off products. Examine the labels closely. Only one brand is actually made with whole mangosteen fruit. Many products contain water that waters down the juice and waters down the mangosteen. Look at the first three ingredients on the label.

5. Consider Starting Your Own Mangosteen Juice Business. Very few businesses can be started for $35.00, the same $35.00 you already paid for your membership so that you can buy wholesale. One company pays a Power Start bonus on the first orders placed by new wholesale members and pays monthly commission ranging from 5% to 10% on the volume for which you are responsible. The program also pays additional bonuses based upon the number of people and the amount sold in your business. One company pays out 50% of all product sales to its distributors who spread the word of the juice.

6. Mangosteen Juice Tastes Good. Mangosteen juice is a purée from the whole mangosteen fruit, apple juice pear juice grape juice pear purée, blueberry juice raspberry juice strawberry juice cranberry juice and cherry juice The taste is a sweet, crisp, delicious flavor.