Ultrex Cool Touch Deep Fryer – A Review

Every one of us always desires for a better and of course long lasting kitchen appliances. Nowadays people are so busy, that they have no time at all to prepare food in the traditional way or fry the old fashioned way, instead they will just visit on a restaurant just to taste the all time favorite fried foods like potato fries or French fries, the chicken wings and so many more. But, you can now make these favorite-fried foods at home with the help of modern appliances like the Ultrex cool touch deep fryer.

Ultrex are excellent appliances that that come with great features. They’re ideal for those who are looking for a modern looking, safe and easy to clean deep fryer that takes up little counter space.

This electric deep fryer’s key features include an adjustable thermostat that allows the cook to have ultimate control of the temperature – many other brands don’t have this facility; a simple on and off switch is all you get. The exterior that is safe to touch. It has a height of 7.75 inches; the width is 15.5 inches and with the depth of 10.25 inches. Plus it has the warranty of three years, which is one of the best available.

There are a lot of great reviews for this cool touch deep fryer. Its heating elements are sunken in oil for more regular temperature fast frying. When you use the right temperature the food will be crispier outside and cooked well inside, that is perfectly done.

Also you can also reduce the quantity of oil the food will absorb. Although ‘petite’ it this cool touch deep fryer has more features than you might have thought. The popular 3 Liter model can fry enough food for a large family. As its name suggests the outer surface is cool to the touch. The lid is detachable and is fitted with double filters; cloth and charcoal to help lessen the odors and eliminate greasy residue. The basket handle will never get too hot so there’s no fear of burning yourself when raising or lowering the basket. Finally, there’s a window that lets you monitor how things are progressing.

No matter which electric deep fryer you buy, it’s important that you do your research beforehand. That way, you’re far less likely to be disappointed with your purchase. You should also make comparisons. For instance, compare T-Fal models against Presto, or compare Waring against Rival, but remember, compare like with like.

The Ultrex Cool Touch deep fryer really is a superb machine. It has enough features to satisfy most, its safety features make it very user-friendly, it’s reasonably priced and, above all, it makes delicious, perfectly fried.