Try Using Calypso Music For Your Wedding Cocktail Hour

Try Using Calypso Music For Your Wedding Cocktail Hour

Try using a Steel Drum player to perform Calypso music for your guests during the cocktail hour portion of your wedding. Not only is it unique but it sounds great and your guests will truly enjoy the tropical music.

At your typical wedding there is almost always some down time between the time when the wedding ceremony ends and the time the actual wedding reception begins. They call this particular time period the cocktail hour but sometimes it can be anywhere from 45 minutes up to 2 hours, depending on the circumstances of the wedding. Normally the cocktail portion is just over an hour or so in length. At a lot of weddings one will hear some sort of music during the cocktail portion. It is a wonderful idea to have some live entertainment during that time period. It keeps a good flow to the wedding. Steel drum music works really well in this situation as it is pleasant sounding, has a relaxing but uplifting quality and people just really love hearing Calypso music.

Picture the lovely wedding ceremony: the newly married couple walks back down the aisle all in a great mood, the guests are happy, they now get up and wander over to the spot where they are serving drinks and some appetizers while the photographer takes several pictures of the couple and wedding party. This is a perfect opportunity to have some steel pan music playing for the guests. It keeps a party atmosphere but a relaxed and happy mood at the same time. For me personally, I like to keep the volume of the steel drums on the lower end as people like to talk to one another at receptions. Lots of people appreciate both being able to hear the steel drum music but also being able to chat a bit and not be overpowered by the music.

I have been to a few weddings where there was a cocktail portion of about 1.5 hours with no music at all. In each of these occasions some live music would have been a great idea to have as the guests have already been at the wedding for some time and not everyone likes to just sit and wait for the actual reception to start. Sure there is usually a bar and maybe some appetizers but if one were to throw in some live music they would keep everyone from possibly getting bored, keep them much happier and it adds to the overall joyous occasion.

Steel drums are also a great way to lead into the wedding reception part of the event. The steel drum music is playing, they announce the reception/dinner and the guests enter into the reception all happy and feeling good which is what one wants at any wedding. At the same time the guests are entering the reception area they are still hearing the nice tropical songs playing. It truly does keep a wonderful flow to the wedding.

So, if you are on the fence and not sure what to have at your wedding for your cocktail hour try adding in some Caribbean steel drums to the mix. Calypso Music truly does sound great and everyone at your wedding will love it!