Top 10 Occasion for Serving Mocktails

Top 10 Occasion for Serving Mocktails

As much as we all love a great cocktail recipe, there are times when it’s simply inappropriate to drink alcohol. Whether you are serving underaged young people or if you’re on the chopping block at your work place, knowing when to keep it dry can be a life saver–literally. These are the top ten occasions when you should definitely opt for a non alcoholic cocktail recipe for entertaining.

Office parties, PTA Meetings, and other formal organizational gatherings are better off with liquor free drinks. During the Holidays, mocktails can be a great secret weapon. While others reveal their dirty secrets and make fools out of themselves, impress your superiors by keeping your composure and sip a cool mocktail. As great as cocktails are in the presence of responsible adults, they aren’t worth losing a job.

Baby Showers are perfect for mocktails, especially non alcoholic party punch. This is an opportunity for guests to show solidarity with the mother-to-be by opting out of liquor in her honor.

Other times when liquor free drinks should be served are prom parties, slumber parties, and grad night festivities. This is especially important, since young people at this age are often eager to demonstrate their pending adulthood to peers. As an adult, you are responsible for the health of the youth in your life. Stop the possibility of underaged drinking dead in its tracks with a tasty mocktail served up in a cheap plastic cocktail glass. They won’t be disappointed.

Remember that most college campuses and churches have a strict no tolerance policy for alcoholic drinks. For on-campus events such as banquets, concerts and religious festivals, serving up mocktails is a lot more fancy than the standard soda can and they won’t risk any trouble.

Mocktails give off a message of tolerance and sensitivity, so it’s important to consider serving them at any public gathering. There are several online databases that list mocktail recipes for free, such as It’s also possible to turn a cocktail into a mocktail mixed drink by omitting the alcoholic components of the drink. Impress your peers and friends by showing them the safe way to celebrate without compromising taste.