Tips For Weddings On A Budget

He’s asked. You’ve said, “YES!” Now it’s time to plan your big day.

Unfortunately many brides suddenly find themselves faced with making tough decisions on how to have the day they’ve always dreamed of – on a budget they can afford. Not an easy thing to do while being bombarded with advertising from an industry that encourages brides to spend, spend, spend!

Below are some helpful hints to help you make your wedding day special, without breaking the bank…

– Appoint a friend or family member as your coordinator. There is no doubt that a wedding planner can make your big day run much more smoothly. After all, when problems occur on the big day most people naturally run to the woman in the big white dress! But it’s an expense you can do without. Instead ask a trusted friend or family member to help you by being your honorary coordinator. Give her an itinerary, checklists and phone numbers for all your vendors.

– Don’t overlook dollar stores and other bargain shops for decorations. Remember, you’ll only use these items once. You don’t need them to hold up over years of use. So take advantage of dollar stores and other bargain shops to get a great deal. You’ll be able to save on pillar candles, tea lights, vases, baskets, silk flowers and lots of other decorative items. Most of these are exactly the same as you’ll get at bridal shops – only you’ll pay a fraction of the price.

– Use artificial plants instead of cut flowers. Fresh flowers can be very expensive, especially if you have large areas to fill. Instead, borrow some artificial plants such as ficus tress (everyone knows at least a couple of people who have some). They’re a great way to add greenery and for a romantic look you can add white mini-lights!

– Have a cocktail party reception. Another alternative to serving a full meal is to have a cocktail party reception. It typically includes hot and cold hors and, of course cocktails! To save as much money as possible you can easily make a variety of finger foods yourself. Or, check with your local supermarket for pre-made trays. They’re usually reasonably priced. A cocktail party reception is the perfect option for an evening wedding. Imagine a candlelit ceremony followed by an upscale cocktail party and dancing.

– Keep track of ALL expenses. Since the average engagement is around 12 months long, that’s a lot of time to be buying items “as you see them”. A big mistake budget conscious couples make is to not keep track of exactly how much they’ve spent. Every time you purchase something write it down in your wedding journal. Otherwise you run the risk of eating up your entire budget on fun accessories long before you even get to the big day.

– Choose flowers that are in season and locally available. You’ll save yourself a bundle if you choose flowers that are in season and grown locally. Ask your florist for recommendations that will match your desired color scheme but that will be inexpensive and easy to get. Also check out for a list of flowers by month and their approximate costs.

What’s important is not how much you spend on your wedding, but how much it reflects who you and your husband-to-be are. Hopefully these tips have given you some great ideas on how to create a beautiful wedding day on a tight budget.