The Guide to Preparing Cakes and Frostings

A holiday season or birthday coming near? It is the time to bake cakes again, and a beautiful and delicious one at that. Therefore, this guide is here to help you in your ambitious maneuver:

1) When you are using eggs and oil in baking, crack your eggs in a measuring cup first, then pour them into your mixing bowl. The eggs coat the cups so that when you measure the oil, it will slide out easily.

2) To keep your mixing bowl from slipping on the counter, place a pot holder under it.

3) Always sift confectioner’s sugar when you make a frosting and you will never have lumps.

4) Make a heart for your valentine: bake a round cake and a square cake. Cut the round cake in half, then turn the square cake so that the corners face you in a diamond shape. Place each half of the round cake on two sides of the diamond. Frost and serve.

5) You can make your own pastry bag. Cut a small hole in one corner of a heavy plastic bag, filled with whipped cream or other mixtures, and pipe away.

6) An easy way to fill a pastry bag is to place the bag inside a large jar for support, turn the top of the bag down over the top of the jam rim and fill.

7) For a fast, attractive topping for unfrosted cakes, place a paper doily with a large design on top of the cake and dust confectioner’s sugar over it lightly. Gently lift the doily from the cake.