The Cocktail Hen Night Party

How have you always dreamt about your hen night party? Everybody wants something different, something inspiring. Funny costumes, an interesting location, dancing are on the list of a successful party. But this is the standard party.

As I have said before, many ladies would like to spicy up their party and make it unforgettable by adding a surprise element. Monotony should be expelled from such parties. A cocktail of activities will definitely make everyone wait the next moment out of breath.

But what happens if you have to invite colleagues from work at your hen party? How can you tell them this is your moment and you want to go wild? How to solve this problem?

The answer is simpler than you think. Organize a cocktail hen party for them. Everything is going to be semi-formal. This means about two hours of good music and cocktails. In what other details are concerned, try to make sure your colleagues will not starve. Those cocktails will go together with some sandwiches or other appetizers, preparing everyone for dinner. This means that the time of the party is well established. In this case, it has to be two hours before dinner. You do not need tables or chairs. The message of this type of party is to socialize. The queen of the party is going to be the future bride. She will need some skills in order to socialize with all the guests.

Nevertheless, one of the most important elements has been neglected, the outfit. Since this is a semi-formal event, the same will be said about the outfit. Elegant, still comfortable dresses will be flaunted in order to draw the attention. It was said that the costume for such a party should be somewhere in the middle between office and easiness. This could be a good topic for discussion as well, since fashion is a favorite subject among women.

Up to now, everything sounded like a classical cocktail party. In order to turn it into a cocktail hen party, you would need some accessories specific for this event. Cocktails poured into colorful glasses might be an idea, but other suggestions may flood into the place.