Thanksgiving Poem

Oh thank heaven

For love, life, and liberty

Inward peace and tranquility

Joyful jubilee

Because Christ Jesus

Died on the cross at Calvary

Rose from the dead triumphantly

This He did for you and me

To open blind eyes to see

To set the captives free

Empowering humanity

To become all they can be

Yet loving them unconditionally

Living together harmoniously

Overcoming hostility

Transcending divisions and differences

Breaking through barriers and distances

Building a bridge and alliances

Between the human race

That all men would seek God’s face

Let go of pride and humility embrace

Pursue righteousness rather than disgrace

Consider the poor and homeless

Without food and a place

Let us not fight over trivial things

Nor continually war against nations

Profit at the expense of others without hesitation

No, let us arise and do the right thing

Come to give and to the table bring

Something of worth and value

Stop being self-centered

And thinking “Me, Myself, and I”

This makes the heart of God cry

If only someone could

Take up their cross and deny

The self-absorbing tendencies

The cruelty with which we alienate human beings

Replace complaining with thanksgiving

Give thanks for the simplicity of life

For your health

For your wealth

Be it inward or outward

Give thanks for your family and friends

Who stick with you until the end

Give a helping hand and lend

For you over backward they do bend

Thank God above your Creator

For the breath that you breathe

The beauty of His creation

Daily filling your eyes

Or this have you already despised?

Thank your Maker

For how He has unique made you

With all your gifts, talents, and abilities

Strengths, weaknesses, and frailties

Enabling you to bless and feel for others

Through your own personal victories, suffering, and pain

Such intangibles don’t disdain

For herein is found your fame

Your reason to live

Your reason to speak up and give

As you yourself identify

Discover your purpose, the reason why

For your earthly existence

Prayerfully press for divine Providence

Supernatural intervention

Blessings and assistance

Daily coming to you

Now then what shall you do?

What shall you give back

Before you consider your lack

Instead consider your plenty

Your personal prosperity

Examine what you have

Give thanks for that

Be thankful and grateful

For in so doing

You shall be filled with greatness

As you’re thankful, you’ll get rid of impoliteness

That is a huge personal gain

In and of itself

For selfishness is the root of sin

Make the inward adjustment within

Be thankful and win

Discover your personal wealth.

Then give it away generously and wholeheartedly

As you are thankful and giving

You shall grow exponentially

Love beyond boundaries

And live magnificently.