Thankfulness and Thanksgiving Scrapbook Page Ideas

Since Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates being thankful for what we have, it stands to reason that the best Thanksgiving scrapbook page ideas are about what the scrapbooker is personally thankful for.

Of all the Thanksgiving scrapbook page ideas, the theme of thankfulness is the easiest to layout. All the scrapper needs is some pictures of what he or she is thankful for. Chances are, the scrapper has already taken a few pictures of their favorite things, and these pictures are no doubt buried in the piles of photos, just waiting to be put on a page. Perhaps this is why thankfulness is one of the better Thanksgiving scrapbook page ideas.

Once the scrapper has the photos, arranging them can be done in any order. A tile formation might work out, but the scrapper should take a few risks and get experimental. Perhaps using cropped photos in one area, along with cut-outs, could create a very imaginative collage that will draw the viewer in.

As far as what will be in the pictures, that is up to the scrapper to come up with their own Thanksgiving scrapbook page ideas. There are obvious pictures to include for this Thanksgiving scrapbook page, and ideas include home, hobbies, friends and family. If the scrapper does not have enough pictures of their friends or family, Thanksgiving dinner is an excellent time to get some new ones.

In fact, several families have a tradition of going around the table and stating what each person is thankful for. The scrapper might want to be taking notes at this point, as it certainly could lead to a page where each family member gets a little text and pictures saying what he or she is grateful for. This will bring about several Thanksgiving scrapbook page ideas at once, capable of covering not only the scrapbooker but people he or she knows.

However, most people are thankful for things that are more subjective, such as love and freedom. It then becomes the task of the scrapper to decide how best to represent that visually. For example, some might take a picture of an American flag to represent freedom. This is one of those Thanksgiving scrapbook page ideas that allow the scrapbooker’s imagination to go wild.

Once the pictures are in place, it should then be decided where to add the text. This Thanksgiving scrapbook page allows for many ideas, including simple bulleted lists, journaling, or tags.

One of the best features of these particular Thanksgiving scrapbook page ideas is the ease of finding patterns to match. Colors that can be used could be the traditional browns and oranges that accompany most Thanksgiving scrapbook page ideas, but different hues and shades of these can have some value too. In fact, the scrapper should experiment with shades of blues or other colors not used for traditional Thanksgiving scrapbook page ideas.

All in all, the theme of thankfulness is universal, even to those who do not even celebrate Thanksgiving. In other words, the traditions of the holiday such as Pilgrims, the Mayflower, and all of that will definitely be downplayed as something as the scrapper showcases that which means the most to him or her.