Schinkenspeck – A Guide to German Meat, Hams, Bacons

If you haven’t tried eating German meat products, you should try doing so at the soonest time possible because you’ll definitely love it. Knowing that there are a lot of interesting food in German cuisine, you might want to know more about German meat like for instance Schinkenspeck.

Shickenspeck is a combined term taken from “Shicken” which means a gently flavored ham and “Speck” which then means bacon. However, the end product of this German meat is not actually smoked bacon, it more resembles dry-cured ham such as Prosciutto. This type of meat is something that you should look into because of its excellent taste.

These types of hams go through different processes and in Germany, you can classify them as Raw and Boiled ham. Raw meat or ham more often appears to be what they call red meat, because it does have that red color and is cured with the use of salt to lengthen its shelf life. And then after it goes through other processes to further preserve the meat.

On the other hand, you may also look into boiled ham which is usually pinkish in color where the meat would also be salted and cured however, there would be a need for injecting a modest amount of curing solution and then you can place it in the right temperature to turn it into a smoked ham; packed and then boiled.

You may find various types of meats produced in Germany. You will find that they use several terms to represent whatever type of meat they are presenting depending on the process that the meat goes through such as curing and smoking, and what ingredients they make use of as the eat goes through the process.

German meat is truly one interesting food that you should sample once you get there. If you would really like to try German smoked ham, you may want to try Schinkenspeck and taste its difference from other meat that you have tasted before. This meat is usually served in paper-thin slices where you can enjoy the savory goodness of smoked pork having the right amount of salty taste in it.