Resveratrol Vs Green Tea – Which is The Anti Aging Champion?

Resveratrol Vs Green Tea – Which is The Anti Aging Champion?

Resveratrol and green tea have created quite a stir in the scientific community for the many health boosting benefits they seem to provide. Barbara Walters interviewed Dr David Sinclair, who has revealed the many possible anti aging properties of Resveratrol. While Dr Oz and Oprah have promoted the detoxifying effects of green tea. The question becomes, which of these anti oxidant “titans” give you the best chance of seeing your 100th birthday?

Green Tea

Green tea has been used for centuries to treat a variety of diseases and conditions. It has been found to be effective at regulating blood sugar, treating digestive disorders, even moderating blood pressure.

It contains the family of anti oxidants known as polyphenols. Research on polyphenols suggests a link between cancer prevention and this powerful anti oxidant family.

Polyphenols also have anti inflammatory properties, which can be effective in fighting arthritis and heart disease.

Within the polyphenol family of anti oxidants, is a group called catechins. The catechin epigallocatechin(EGCG), has been proven to boost metabolism, which accounts for green tea’s popularity in many weight loss programs.


Resveratrol(also called Rez-V) is a micro nutrient found in the outer skin of red grapes. Rez-V was discovered while researchers were studying red wine.

Dr David Sinclair and his colleagues began vigorously testing Rez-V, giving it to a variety of laboratory animals. 

The results of the experiments revealed that mice, for example, lived 30% longer while receiving Resveratrol. They also had FAR greater endurance and stamina than mice who were not supplemented with Rez-V.

The supplemented mice were given almost a constant supply of food, and did not gain weight!


The best decision for an individual would be to include both Rez-V AND green tea in their health regimen. Naturally, it is always a good idea to consult with a physician before adding supplements to your regimen.