Range of Anvil Fryers for Every Application

Range of Anvil Fryers for Every Application

It’s hard to believe but there are many types of fryers available for commercial kitchens. They are not as one dimensional as you would think. For every purpose you could think of, there is a specific fryer that Anvil has manufactured to suit that application. Their fryer range is quite extensive with specialised fryers for every catering purpose. In this article, I would like to explore the various types within the Anvil range.

The Anvil Deep Fat Fryer. These deep fat fryers are available with two options: a single pan or double pan. Whichever option you decide on will depend on your quantity usage. The single pan option allows you to fry 4kg of chips within an hour versus the double pan option which fries 8kg of chips within an hour. This is a very economical unit due to its size and fast deep frying times. These units also include safety features. It is thermostatically controlled to automatically cut out at 206 degrees Celsius to prevent oil from splashing. The oil tank has slipway handles that allows you to remove it easily and safely.

The Anvil Frozen Chip Fryer. This fryer was developed by Anvil and McCain to produce the perfect chips from frozen. You can add the frozen chips directly to the fryer and within 3 minutes you’ll have crispy and tasty chips. The fast frying time also prevents oil saturation, making it ideal for your more health conscious customers.

The Anvil Doughnut Fryer. This is a handy unit for bakeries, coffee shops and caf├ęs as you can fry doughnuts, koeksisters and vetkoek, amongst others within a short period of time. These fryers are supplied with a tilting element unit for easy cleaning and a removable drip tray for convenient draining. The doughnut fryer also comes with an automatic cut off switch to prevent oil splashing.

The Anvil Fish Fryer. This is a high speed deep fat fryer which is ideal for seafood restaurants. It is designed to create crispier and tastier fish and seafood with minimum fuss. It can also be used to fry chicken and chips.

The Anvil Spaza Fryer. This is a powerful floor standing unit that is ideal for smaller catering organisations and fries up to 10kg of chips within an hour. This reliable and cost effective fryer has a 9 litre oil capacity, has an integrated splash back with basket hanger facility and has a fitted valve for easy draining of oil. The new version is fitted with a resettable safety thermostat as backup to prevent oil from overheating.

Anvil has a variety of specialised fryers that are designed for specific restaurants and commercial kitchens. These products are manufactured with reliability and safety in mind so you can be assured that you’ll receive a quality product.