Raising Ducks For Meat – What Duck Breeds Are Ideal?

In the United States, more than twenty million ducks are raised annually for meat production. Well, ducks are great animals which do not require much attention and are inexpensive to rear. They do not need expensive housing, and they can come through almost any climate. They can eat various foods, including small toads and snails. They even help fertilizing the soil and getting rid of bugs and weeds. They are also better than chickens when it comes to health and lifespan. Ducks do not get easily affected by avian diseases, and they tend to live longer. So, there is no reason why people should not consider raising ducks for meat.

Anyway, those who are veterans in raising ducks for meat know that Rouen, Pekin, and Muscovy ducks are the finest. These are actually three of the most popular breeds of ducks. They grow larger than the other breeds. Most of them also lay fewer eggs to build bigger body frames. The Pekin, specifically, provides scrumptious white meat that is good for maintaining a healthy diet. Its feathers are white, and it grows fast. It can grow from six to seven pounds in just seven weeks if it is fed properly. It doesn’t fly, though. So, it does not waste energy on flying. Hence, it is able to build a larger frame. However, you must protect it from foxes, dogs, and other predators.

Another good duck breed is the Rouen. People raising ducks for meat often refer to it as the bigger Mallard. These ducks were originally bred in France. Unlike Pekin ducks, Rouen ducks are good layers. In fact, they can lay up to one hundred and fifty duck eggs each year. Nonetheless, breeders only choose the Rouen ducks that lay fewer eggs; because these are the ones that produce better meat. Furthermore, breeders who are raising ducks for meat keep Muscovy ducks, as well.

Muscovy ducks are self-sufficient and fuss-free ducks to have. They do not quack but they make hissing sounds. They are semi-wild, and they make great foragers when grown. They also fly strongly, yet they do not leave home. Unlike the Pekin ducks, they grow rather slowly. Nonetheless, Muscovy ducks also provide good meat.