Poor Man’s Omelet

Poor Man’s Omelet

Let’s start with all the tools and ingredients you will need to cook the perfect poor man’s omelet: flat surface that gets hot, egg ring (omelet sized – 8″), oil/butter, fork, 3 eggs, and leftovers in the fridge.

The first step is to oil or butter the surface you will be cooking on and heat it up. You want to stick mainly with a medium heat so as not to overcook the eggs, which makes them too hard and spongy. Once your surface is heated and greased then crack the eggs into the egg ring and mix them up with a fork or other utensil that is relatively clean. The great thing about egg rings is that you can use any pan or surface you have to cook on and the eggs will stay in a perfect, workable shape. If you notice a piece of shell in the mixture than use half the egg shell you just cracked to scoop it out. Also, if you so desire, here you can add a bit of salt and pepper to the eggs.

Let the eggs cook until they show the first signs of firming up and then add any chopped up food you have in the fridge. This is a time to use your imagination and not get stuck in the same boring old breakfast foods that typically go in an omelet. I’ve literally used everything from ramen noodles to cold pizza and it really turns out OK. The great thing about eggs is they have a fantastic neutral taste and as a result pretty much any food will go well with them.

After you add the food turn the heat down to low and let the eggs continue to firm. Once the mixture is completely solid, remove the egg ring and flip the entire omelet to cook the other side. Some people prefer to flip the omelet over on itself so you get a half circle, traditional omelet but I usually have so much other stuff in mine that does not work so well. It will only need to cook for an additional 45 seconds, so be ready to take it off.

Now you should have a great, hearty omelet that will help you get through the day!