Planning An Employee Recognition Day? Everything You Need To Know From Breakfast To Crystal Awards

Smart bosses know that it’s important to recognize their employees for a job well done. It’s no surprise that a simple ‘thank you’ can really help employees feel good about their careers and their companies. However, if you’re really looking for a way to show the whole office that you appreciate them, consider planning an entire workday around employee recognition. If you’re not exactly sure how to approach this, here are some activities that you definitely should consider.

Start The Day Off Right With Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Your employees know that too, which is why it’s not uncommon to see them starting their day with coffee, pastries and even oatmeal when they first arrive at the office. Instead of leaving everyone to fend for themselves on recognition day, provide breakfast. Start with gourmet coffee (and plenty of it!) and juices, but don’t stop there. If you’re looking for something besides the normal donuts, consider providing breakfast casseroles. Chances are good that you can find a local cafĂ© that can cater your breakfast, but casseroles are extremely easy if you want to make them yourself. Consider a baked French toast with eggs, cream, brown sugar and blueberries baked with French bread or an egg and sausage casserole topped with cheese. Both can be thrown together the night before and then baked the morning of the event, which means it won’t take a lot of effort if you want to do it yourself. Make sure you let employees know that you’ll be providing the morning meal so they don’t eat before arriving at work.

Give Out Crystal Awards During A Catered Lunch

With all that breakfast, you might not think you’ll need lunch, but eventually your workers will get hungry! Get out of the office and provide them with a catered lunch at a local restaurant. While you’re there, hand out crystal awards to employees who have worked particularly hard throughout the year, but don’t forget to have crystal awards for employees who have had the biggest increase in sales or those who received recognition from customers for being incredibly helpful. It’s okay if crystal awards aren’t given to everyone in the company, but you should have some sort of recognition award for each member of your team so that everyone feels appreciated.

Close The Office A Few Hours Early

A fun way to close out the day is to close the office a few hours early and send your workers home. While some bosses are worried about how customers will react if they receive a message that the office is closed, they’re often surprised at how encouraging customers are when this happens. If possible, give your clients some notice that you’re closing the office and encourage your employees to call their most important clients personally to let them know. It provides the employee with the perfect excuse to check in and will let your clients know that you value their business and your employees.

Planning an employee recognition day doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, but it’s an excellent way to let your workers know how much that you appreciate what they do. Don’t forget to include crystal awards in your employee recognition day and you’ll have them all waiting anxiously to see who receives the crystal awards next year.