Panasonic SD-YD205 Bread Maker – Just As Good As the SD-YD250 and Cheaper

Panasonic, a well known manufacturer of electrical home appliances including audio/visual and kitchen appliances such as the Panasonic SD-YD205 bread maker and its sister model, the larger 2.5 lb capacity SD-YD250. Known for its famous tag “Ideas For Life”, these quality home appliances are a testament to the brand’s growing legacy.

Although both these models have been in the market for quite some time now, with the larger Panasonic SD-YD250 currently priced at around $129 and the Panasonic SD-YD205 priced at around $110, they are probably the best in their league. I haven’t come across another bread maker within the price range that offers better or even the same capabilities.

I will put these two models side by side. They are both actually quite similar with both the models having similar functions. The cheaper SD-YD205 has 7 programs in total. Some of the programs that are available on the pricier SD-YD250 model such as the Pizza Mode and French Bread Mode are omitted from the SD-YD205. Well, I can really do without these two modes although I must say that I really do fancy pizza, so it’s not a big deal for me.

With dearer prices of bread these days, it is always a long-term and feasible investment when it comes automatic bread makers. What’s more, there is nothing like freshly-baked bread just the way you want it.

The SD-205 allows me to make my bread with raisins and, with the rapid mode, I can make my bread and have it with my favorite ‘cuppa’. There is nothing like sipping on a cup of hot tea or freshly brewed coffee while waiting for the bread. The aroma of the bread is a treat in itself which can be smelled all over the house.

I am not saying that the SD-YD250 isn’t great. It is in every imaginable way. Although there are some extra functions and modes such as the 3 different loaf sizes, I could never comprehend the different loaf sizes anyway. I was actually hoping for something a little less noisy with the automatic breads mixing and kneading the dough and flour. It is quiet, but not quiet enough to be placed in the bedroom. The recipes give me a headache with the awkward measurements but I soon settled that with the use of a kitchen scale.

To put it all in a perspective, the Panasonic SD-YD205 is just as good as the Panasonic SD-YD250 minus a few modes and functions with the former coming at a cheaper price. The end results are both satisfying with delicious freshly-made bread whenever I fancy them.