Noni Juice and Anti Candida Diet Fruit

Talking about anti candida diet fruits, there must be many pros and contras regarding which fruits are good and which ones are bad. I always thought pineapples were loaded with sugar, but some articles said that it is good. I personally cannot eat pineapple as it causes great indigestion for me, however it is on the list of things you can eat with yeast problems I have just found.

Here is the list: apples avocado peaches pears apricots very beneficial, all berries, cherries currants, kumquats, loquats, nectarines, passion fruit, persimmons, pineapple, pomegranate tamarind. No citrus fruits while fighting yeast except lemon juice over salad in place of vinegar or squeezed in water no sugar.

Some people think that citrus is the best fruit for yeast problems. But that is what I have read in several places. We have to avoid citrus probably because of the acid contents it possesses. I always have bad indigestion from oranges or pineapple, yet I can take the grapefruit seed extract and add lemon juice to my water with no problem.

Stevia is a wonderful sugar replacement if you need the taste of something sweet. The noni juice seems to help with the symptoms. The flavor is tasty enough, as long as you don’t breathe out through your nose. Follow it with a glass of water to help you drink. Make

sure you buy the original noni juice.

Anyway, I have learned that depends on what candida diets you are following, some agree you can eat certain foods and others say you shouldn’t. It’s all based on your individual tolerance. What I learned to do is to eliminate all foods that are controversial for at least a month and then add them back one at a time. You will know immediately if your body shouldn’t have that food by the way you feel (cough, flemmy, gassy, itchy, etc.).