Liberating Animals, Part 2 – What’s the Difference Between Shakyamuni Eating Meat vs Me Eating Meat?

Liberating Animals, Part 2 – What’s the Difference Between Shakyamuni Eating Meat vs Me Eating Meat?

People say Shakyamuni ate meat, so if Shakyamuni eats meat, it means we can eat meat. But Shakyamuni did a lot of things that we can copy but it won’t have the same result?

Shakyamuni, Manjushri, Kuan Yin are enlightened. Action that is associated with them will benefit that sentient being, even eating their flesh. Because Buddha is not eating from desire or attachment, Buddha is eating because if someone offered out of great compassion, it benefits that sentient being. So therefore, if we purposely kill and offer Buddha, of course that is not advisable but if it is already dead and that’s from their heart and they offer, it is okay.

The karma that they kill to offer the Buddha is there but there is also good karma from offering to the Buddha. So it will benefit the animal and the being but that is not saying you should go and kill to offer to the Buddha. So for example, if we eat flesh, there is a mantra we recite. We can recite the mantra of the medicine Buddha- Tayatha Om Behkanze Behkanze Maha Behkanze Behkanze Radza Samogate Soha, Chenrezig or Kuan Yin – Om Mani Padme Hum.

Blow it on the flesh and it will help the animal to take a good rebirth. So if blowing the mantra onto the animal’s flesh will benefit the animal then, if the flesh is eaten by the Buddha, there will be tremendous benefit. So you recite Om Mani Padme Hum on the flesh before eating and it benefits the flesh, that means the power of the mantra is as high as the power of the being the mantra represents which, in this case, is Kuan Yin.

In the Sutras, it is said that animals don’t have the capacity to understand Dharma. But by the power of the Dharma, is condensed into sound when it is uttered in a mantra. When you recite and the animal hears it, when you recite and you blow on the animal directly or indirectly, it plants the seeds of Dharma inside their minds and streams through their bodies.

So the Buddha speech arises from his attainments. Then the attainments arise in the form of sound and sound becomes words. The words become meaning and the meaning is called Dharma. Why is it called Dharma? Because Dharma is transformation but the transformation starts from hearing the attainment in the form of sound. That is why mantras and chakras have a lot of power. So different mantras represent different forms of enlightenment.