Is There Really a Difference Between Home Cutlery and Restaurant Cutlery?

Many people do not understand that there are differences in restaurant cutlery versus cutlery found within one’s home. Ranging in things such as price, durability, difference in blades as well as handles, you’re most expensive and great quality cutlery will be found at high end restaurants.

When it comes to food service typically a stainless steel will be used. The finest cutlery is made from almost 100% silver however these are rarely found because of their high cost. Knives found within the food service industry are typically plated with what is called a electro plated nickel silver or is referred to as EPNS. This will determine both the price and durability. In your high-end restaurants the EPNS creates a elegant and look that is classic. Lower end restaurants with lower EPNS will have cutlery that does not include a long lasting life.

Typically the cutlery found within restaurants is a mix of nickel, chromium and steel. They also come in different grades. For example, if it is graded as a 18/10, this defines that it is 18 parts nickel and 10 part chromium. Deduct this from 100 and the remaining 72 part are made out of steel. When you consider lower grades this is where you find the cutlery within homes versus restaurants. This is because they are cheaper.

Within the home, the cutlery will also vary versus restaurants when it comes to steak knives. In observation of the blade, during informal dining, the blade will be serrated and the handle is of either plastic or wood. The wood can be difficult in cleaning. Although you may find similar steak knives depending upon the restaurant, they will lean towards using the plastic handle because they are easier to clean and bleach. The handles can also either be solid or hollow. Restaurants will prefer the solid handle because of its offered durability.

When it comes to the professional knives used in a restaurant, you will notice that these sets are quite different. They offer all several different knives of lengths and various blades. This is because a chef will require knives of all sizes while someone in their home may only require smaller knives. Overall, restaurant cutlery will be more costly because the knives are of better quality. Within the home cutlery is not used as often and therefore, cheaper brands are widely used.