Is Good Character Caught or Taught or I Thank God for Zach, this Thanksgiving

Actually, I think Good Character and thoughtful deeds are both caught and taught. These two verbs are inseparable. Our children are watching what we do, so in essence, we are teaching them without explaining constantly. We all know that but sometimes we tend to forget. Even very young children are capable of caring, compassion and good character deeds. As an example, I would like to share a true story of my Grandson, relayed to me by my daughter. I wrote it from his point of view:

He had waited what seemed a long time for a busy cowboy.. So many things he could be doing like
fishing with his Dad or listening to Toby Keith or Alan Jackson. He could even be running around this room that they called the “waiting room” for the Doctor. It looked like a great place to practice sliding into first base…plenty of room to run. He guessed he could sit still a little longer, but it sure is hard for a cowboy. Cowboys keep moving. They have things to do. ..

He looked at his mother in wonder. She was wonder woman, all right. That pretty face framed with blonde playful curls was a wonder to him. She always knew what to say when things didn’t go
the way he thought they should. She knew how to give birthday parties, make his hot dogs and look smiley all in the same day. She could tell him four things he could do that day if he was bored, while
she fed the dog and found his sister’s favorite tee shirt. She could do all those things at one time because she’s a mom.

He looked at her while she made a paper airplane for him, his brown eyes dancing with mischief.
“Why are we here, Mom? Are you sick?” “Mommy has a back ache today, Zach.” “Does it hurt bad?
“As a matter of fact, it does hurt bad today.

” “Do you think the Doctor can make it better?”

“I don’t know Zach. We’ll have to wait and see.”

“Here, I made an airplane for you. How’s that?”

Her coral lips curled in a broad smile as she handed him the airplane.

“Mom, what’s taking so long?”

He could always tell when she was going to tell him something important. She would look him right straight in the eyes to make sure he was listening. Then she would start of with “Zach, I need
you to listen.”

“This might take a while, so I need for you to be good and patient. I know you would rather be outside or doing something fun with your Dad, but he is out of town on business. I need to see the doctor oday because I am in pain. Do you

“Yes, Mom.” He looked away and settled his eyes on a waiting room that didn’t have a dart board or any kind of ball.

“Zach, when I get through with my doctor’s visit, we will go to the wishing well, if you have been good. I will give you a coin to throwin the wishing well and you can make a wish!

” “Will it come true, Mom?”

He knew she would know. She knows how to fix bikes and put toys together. She just knows all kinds of things because sheknows. Because she is SUPERMOM!

“I’ll be honest with you Zach. I’m not sure but maybe if you wish really, really hard, just maybe it will come true.”

He felt all warm inside just thinking of what he could wish for. Maybe a new baseball glove or roller blades or a new Alan Jackson tape. His bike was pretty new but maybe a bigger one……..maybe red………

He was a good as any cowboy could possibly be, considering the waiting room didn’t have baseballs or Popsicles or any kind of frog.

At last, it was over. Mom looked a little tired as she gave the girl behind the cage her money. She always smiled but sometimes it was just a little smile and that’s what she was doing now.

“You were really good, Zach. We can go to the wishing well. It’sright outside the doctor’s office. Here, I’ll give you a penny to toss.

“Don’t forget to make your wish!”

Mom placed the penny in his hand and patted him on the back.

The wishing well was full of coins…..He guessed maybe a lot of people had made wishes and like Mom said, maybe, just maybe if they wished really hard, their wish would come true.

He looked up at Mom. She was holding her hand on her back…on the low part of her back…..even her LITTLE smile was not showing.

“Mom, does your back still hurt?”

“Yes, Zach. I’m afraid it does still hurt.”

He threw the penny with all his might, closed his eyes and wished really, really hard. He hoped his wish would come true. Anycowboy would have done the same thing……probably Toby Keith would have done the same thing.

He looked at the shiny penny in the well and then he looked at Mom….his own super Mom. He
hoped he had wished hard enough.

I am so thankful this Thanksgiving for my grandchildren. They teach me so much…………………………………