Indian anti-hangover first mover Morning Fresh eyes growth opportunities for RTD functional beverages

Consumer demand for anti-hangover products and competition in the market have evolved significantly since Morning Fresh’s launch in 2015, said brand founder Mitali Tandon.

Through research and focus groups, the firm noticed a gap in the market for hangover cures, as most people sought home remedies. Subsequently, its R&D team discovered the liver support function of silk proteins, which are now used as a key ingredient for its products.

“At the time, we were the only brand in India that specifically targeted hangovers. We had a lot to learn about consumer preferences, as it was a new category to them. We also had to educate retailers so that our products are placed under a suitable category on the shelves.

“Today, we’d like to think ourselves as a category leader, having built a strong brand association between Morning Fresh and anti-hangover drinks. Because of COVID-19, people have become much more health-conscious, and are looking for and are willing to pay for products that help them stay healthy — hangover cures are one of those things.

“While entertainment continues to play a big part in people’s lives and/or work, what has changed is that they want to have a good time without compromising on their health,” ​Tandon told NutraIngredients-Asia​.  

Morning Fresh debuted with two SKUs in the RTD format, and has been expanding its line-up to include more flavours and the sachet format, which is popular among travellers.

“Now, we do hangover kits and bulk orders for weddings, which are usually a two- or three-day affair in India, with lots of festivities involved.