How To Say Happy Thanksgiving in Spanish and Learning Spanish Vocabulary Words

In this Spanish lesson on vocabulary words, you will learn how to say Happy Thanksgiving in Spanish. This lesson is also for learning Spanish vocabulary words. This is how you say Happy Thanksgiving in Spanish:

“¡Feliz día de Acción de Gracias!”

But I have also heard Spanish speakers say:

Feliz Día del Pavo (Happy Turkey Day)

Obviously, Thanksgiving is not one of the “festivos” (holidays) that they celebrate here in Colombia. Now let’s learn some new Spanish vocabulary words:

1. Echar — to fire, to kick-out

NOTICE: There are a number of definitions for the word “echar” but today we will use it to mean “to fire” or “to kick-out.”

La echaron del trabajo por molestar a los otros empleados.
(They kicked her out of the job for bothering the other employees.)

The verb “despedir” is a much “nicer” way to say that someone was fired.

La despedieron del trabajo por molestar a los otros empleados.
(They fired her from the job for bothering the other employees.)

2. Garras — claws

El león tiene garras definidas/afiladas.
(The lion has sharp claws.)

3. Afilado – sharp

Este cuchillo está muy afilado.
(This knife is very sharp.)

4. Atrapar – to catch

El jugador trató de atrapar la pelota.
(The player tried to catch the ball.)

5. Agarrar — to grab, to catch

Si lo agarro, lo mato!
(If I catch him, I’ll kill him!)

One technique that I have used to remember the word “agarrar” was by noticing that if I drop the first letter “a” and the last letter “r” I get the word “garra” (claw). So I think of the verb “agarrar” as “clawing.” I know “clawing” isn’t exactly the same as grabbing but this technique did help me to remember the word “agarrar.”