How to Clean a Commercial Meat Slicer at Home – 5 Steps to Cleaning an Industrial Meat Slicer

How do you clean a commercial meat slicer or industrial meat slicer at home? Alright, you now have your cool, reliable, and tough commercial meat slicer. You finally had the chance to slice some of your favorite meats, like ham, beef, or turkey. Now you have to wash your meat slicer but where do you begin? We’ll show you how.

Step 1

The first step for cleaning a commercial meat slicer is to first turn off the power and set the blade adjustment to 0. This is for your safety to prevent cuts and unintentional power ups.

Step 2

We are going to wipe away the big debris and crumbs first. Take a paper towel and gently wipe from the top of the slicer down to the loading tray. Be sure to knock down the chunks stuck in crevices and corners. Scoop up the crumbs and throw away.

Step 3

You will need to fill up a small bucket of very warm to hot water and add a little bit of dishwashing soap. Take the damp towel and start wiping the whole slicer down, from top to bottom. Make sure you wipe in a ‘towards the body’ motion to prevent any accidental cuts to your hands. If the water is too dirty, go and add a fresh load of soapy water.

Step 4

You will need to sanitize the slicer to prevent any microbes from forming. A spray gun bottle is best for this. You will need to fill the bottle with water and bleach solution. Generally, a safe amount of bleach would be two cap fulls.

Step 5

You will now need to dry and cover up the slicer. Take a paper towel and dry down the wet spots on the slicer. Then you will need to cover the slicer with slicer cover. If a slicer cover is not available, you can use a clean, unused trash bag to cover the slicer. This will help prevent dust and microbes from landing on the slicer overnight or any extended period of time.

Now you know how to clean a commercial meat slicer at home. This will help to keep you and everyone else safe. Now go and enjoy you new slicer again!