How Michael Symon Really Feels About Well-Done Steaks – Exclusive

How Michael Symon Really Feels About Well-Done Steaks – Exclusive

How Michael Symon Really Feels About Well-Done Steaks – Exclusive

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There are some pretty strong opinions out there about the best way to cook and eat a steak, and ordering a steak “well done” has become low-hanging fruit. For some, cooking a steak that way can be seen as gauche, but Chef Michael Symon not only doesn’t believe this narrative but feels people are thinking about steak in an entirely wrong way.

In an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, Symon expressed, “[People] get caught up into a specific temperature. Temperature depends on what steak you’re eating.” He continues, “Don’t just think in your head, ‘I like rare’ or ‘I like mid rare.'” Instead, it is important to understand how the cuts of meat are affected by the cooking temperature.  “A filet has no fat; I don’t like it cooked past rare. A ribeye has a lot of intermuscular fat and it tastes best closest to medium, where that fat could melt into the steak and you get the benefits of the fat.”

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What To Try Instead

Short ribsShort ribs

Short ribs – Lauripatterson/Getty Images

For truly well-done steak though, Symon emphasizes that people like what they like. “I’m not going to beat people up because they don’t like steak cooked to the temperatures that I like to cook.” We appreciate Symon’s candor and acceptance of all people’s tastes. That being said, he is not entirely letting well-done steak eaters off the hook. If you prefer your steak to be well done, Symon says, “At least don’t get a filet and order it well done. It’s going to be like eating shoe leather.”

He continues that if you like all your meat cooked to that level, “Maybe a steak isn’t what you want.” For those who are adamant about cooking their meat all the way through, Symon has a suggestion. “Maybe you want a short rib, where it needs to be cooked well done and that’s when it tastes the best.” If you are a fan of well-cooked steak, this may be your sign to branch out and try something new, while enjoying food the way that makes you happy.

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