Hawaiian Noni Juice Products Or Tahitian Noni – Which Is Better?

Many people claim that Tahitian Noni Juice is better than Hawaiian Noni Juice Products and vice versa. This, however, is simply not the case. Noni, no matter where it grows, whether it be Tahiti, Hawaii, Samoa, India, Maylasia, or any number of small tropical islands is Noni. The juice made from this magical fruit has the same wonderful properties no matter where it comes from.

A History of Hawaiian Noni Juice Products

The Hawaiian Islands were formed as a populated nation when Hawai’i Loa led his people there with some pretty important ingredients for building a home in a new world. They took with them the Canoe Plants, twenty seven species that they thought would be essential in their new home. Of these twenty seven plant species, fourteen of them were food. The other plants they brought were for building materials and the healing arts. While not all of the plants that came with them made it on the new island home, Noni did. As a result, the Hawaiian people began to use it for its properties on a regular basis. For most Noni growers in the Aloha state, the ripening process is a fairly natural one. Because the Noni plant has grown on the island for centuries, the fruit is well adjusted to production.

Harsh chemicals simply aren’t necessary to produce perfect Hawaiian Noni Juice Products. Both the sun and the level of rain the islands get on a yearly basis are just right for the production of this fruit. As a result, many Hawaiian Noni Juice Products are produced in a pure, natural environment. In most cases, it is even harvested by hand to ensure that all parts of the fruit go into the juice making process. While some companies try to stretch the product by using the bark of the Noni, fallen Noni fruit, seeds of the Noni, or leaves from the Noni plant, many others produce Hawaiian Noni Juice products using only the pulp, which is the preferred Hawaiian method. There are many different current Hawaiian Noni Juice Products that allow you all of the benefits of Noni Juice. Look into your preferred product today.