Get More Downlines Without Hard Selling

The network marketing industry is plagued with desperate distributors. They give the industry a bad name because of the way they conduct their recruitment drive.

To begin with, most of them know next to nothing about marketing even though they are in network marketing.

A lot of them are told by their clueless uplines to make a list of names and try and sell their wares to every single person on their list. Of course, they are oblivious to the fact that not all of those people on the list are in their target market.

After all, would you try and sell the juiciest beef steak to a vegetarian?

That is what most distributors are like. They feel as though their ‘steak’ is the juiciest piece of steak in the world – to themselves but what they don’t realize is that most people are not looking for the steak itself. Whether they are looking for chicken wings or a plate of rice is irrelevant, the point is that you don’t try and turn people into steak eaters the same way you don’t try and hard sell your prospects why they should join a network marketing business.

There are many ways to get more downlines without hard selling your product or your opportunity. If you want to get started the right way, you need to build a different kind of name list.

Throw your old list away and start going on the Internet to get new leads.

There are many ways you can use to bring in new people. You can try:

– Blogging

– Newsletter publishing

– Social networking

– Pay Per Click

– Forum marketing

These are just some methods you can use.

The most important principle is to realize that most people who are looking for a network marketing opportunity are not looking for the opportunity per se. They are looking for a way to solve their problems – whether they are financial, personal, social or spiritual.

Your role is to facilitate their needs and learn when to say no if your network marketing business isn’t suitable for them. By focusing on the opportunity seekers, you can sell easier and get more downlines.