Facts And Different Uses Of Bentwood Ice Cream Chairs

The popularity of bentwood ice cream chairs or wooden ice cream chairs started to grow from the fag end of the Victorian period. From that period, use of this chair gradually started to increase. In the 1930’s and 1940’s twisted wire ice cream parlor chairs were mass-produced. In this period, this chair was standard furniture of ice cream parlors. Hence, they are also known as ice cream shop chairs.

For some time their popularity decreased due to various reasons but in recent times their popularity has again started growing.

Their use as antique ice cream chairs are also very popular.

Oak wood is most popular among the woods used for its production. Because it ages and with proper finishing and preservation, the oaken furniture gathers a majestic look and shine. Thus, it gains an old-fashioned value.

Apart from oak wood, among more valuable woods, mahogany and walnut are also used. Also, they are available in beech, ash, birch and other woods.

Not only its style is unique but its design is also versatile. Numerous designs are seen on chair backs such as heart shape, open heart shape, v shape, inverted v shape, scroll accents, curved spoon back and many more.

If you are unaware about woods, like whether the wood is costly or ordinary, how old it is, if it is fit for making furniture etc, you will get cheated. This is true for old or new, any type of bentwood chair you may wish to buy.

Large numbers of fake antique chairs are available in the market. You may very well spend 100 times more than the actual price if you are ignorant about them. For this reason, it is advisable to buy from a reputed antiques dealer.

Its price depends on the value of the wood and if it is associated with any historical event, then its price will increase manifold.

If it is old, then it will be generally damaged to some extent. You can buy the damaged item as it is or the seller can repair the damage. You can also fix the damage yourself or use it in the damaged condition.

If you use it without repairing the damage, then a beautiful old age ambiance will be created in the area where you will place it.

When buying an old chair, try to find out the event, story and history associated with it. If you can find them out, it will not only delight you but you can also share it with your guests.

The chairs can be used in many ways. It mix and blend beautifully with just about any decor. Mix it up with rich dark woods or primitive pieces or contemporary furniture. They would be great just for display.

You can also use bentwood ice cream chairs for gift giving, decorating or collectibles purposes.