Effervescent Indian-Inspired Beverages : indian inspired beverages

Bollygood makes Indian-inspired beverages like limeades and lemonades, treating consumers in America to refreshingly different drink choices. Maxine Henderson launched Bollygood to share a taste of her childhood, which was spent enjoying beverages like Nimbu Pani, an Indian-style lemonade prepared with fresh lemon juice, sugar and spices. Now, US-based consumers can appreciate sparkling limeade products flavors with lime, basil and cumin, or sparkling lemonade with lemon, pomegranate and cardamom.

Inspired by classic Bollywood posters, the brand’s brightly colored packaging makes its unconventional flavors stand out and expresses what makes it different from other canned citrus-based beverages on the market. The innovative yet nostalgic essence of the brand brings a creative expression of Indian culture to the beverage aisle.