Best Meat Subscription Box – Mail Order Steak Review

What sets them apart: Country Living editors have been fans of Brian and Mary Heffernan, and their four daughters—all named Mary—on their Northern California ranch, for some years. In addition to selling grass-fed, dry-aged beef online, Five Marys sells pork, lamb, spices, honey, recipe books, and much more.

What we tried: pork roast, ground lamb, ground beef, bone broth, sausage, beef fajita, top sirloin, rib eye, bacon

What our testers said: Testers loved the deeper flavor of the dry-aged ground beef, noting that it smelled good even when it first went into the pan to cook. “Honestly, I always hate how ground beef smells early in the cooking process.” The steaks got similar high marks: “We got a good sear on the outside and used a meat thermometer to cook them medium-rare to rare. They were just so delicious. It was such a treat.”

Curiously, the packaging also got comments: “”I love that Five Marys allows you to send back the box and insulating liners for reuse.”

Our calculated cost, per pound, of what we tried: $16. “When you look it as a whole and the quality of everything, it seems to be a good price.”

Ground beef rating: 10/10

Steak rating: 10/10

Final thoughts: “Obviously, you can buy cheaper meat. Typically, we’re paying about $10 a pound for a chuck roast we put in the slow cooker. But if you’re interested in making the switch to quality meat from a small farm that you know, this is more affordable than I would have thought.”