BBQ Guide 101 – How To Choose Your Barbeque Gas Grill

BBQ Guide 101 – How To Choose Your Barbeque Gas Grill

If this is the first time that you would be buying a gas grill for your barbecue needs, then it is important to know about the different types before purchasing one. Buying gas grills from online sites such as Amazon might seem significantly more difficult since there are many things to consider such as the price, as well as the shipping and taxes; however shopping online can be less expensive and stress free if you know what you are doing. Whether we’re talking about propane gas grills or 3-burner grills, one’s options are infinite. Doing research in order to educate and make an informed decision is of utmost importance, so take the time to analyze a few aspects and read the buying guide below.

Grill Type

You first need a gas grill with multiple burners, as it will successfully allow you to cook a bigger number of foods or other foods you might prefer at the same time. A good gas grill should have at least two burners, which might be lined either side to side or front to back. Depending upon this aspect, your gas grill might provide better heating while cooking, allowing you to cook your meats properly and without problems.

Weber gas grills are generally good, particularly because most come with three burners that provide easy cooking. Weber Genesis 6531001 E-330 and Weber 46510001 Spirit E310 are good grills you can rely on, coming not only with three burners each, but also with side burners and a large 424-inch cooking area.

Rotisserie kits might be very valuable in case you are looking for a great gas grill, and many of them include these kits for an additional cost, of course. If you can find optional ones, that will be very good for your personal satisfaction. Moreover, some propane grills might include rotisserie burners, which are also very good if you actually plan to cook anything this way.

Convection or Infrared

To choose between convection and infrared grills, you should definitely opt for the first type, as convection gas grills implement the standard system of burners, being the most efficient method to cook anything. Most grills use convection as their system of burners, which means that you do not have to be concerned about this aspect. Amazon sells plenty of convection grills, and Weber ones are, again, probably the best ones you can possibly choose.

Cooking Surface

Knowing your cooking surface is also an important aspect that needs to be carefully considered, especially because this will directly influence the quantity of meats (or other foods) you can cook and the gap you have to leave between them. This distance should normally be half an inch, as this will permit all things to be properly cooked. Most gas grills come with a main cooking grate and an upper warming grate. The differences in temperature are barely observable, ranging from 0 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Usually, the spot located in the center of the main cooking grate has the highest temperature, whilst the sides have a lower one. This means that, by placing a piece of food right on the middle spot, it will be cooked faster and better.

Before you go shopping for a good gas grill on Amazon, make sure to inform yourself regarding these aspects and pay attention to the product you choose. If you hit on excellent quality, the right type of grill should meet all your BBQ needs.