Abs Diet Recipes – Red Meat Fat Burning Tips You Never Knew

Abs Diet Recipes – Red Meat Fat Burning Tips You Never Knew

Abs diet recipes are one way to go if you truly want a perfect set of abs, however most abs diet recipes do not give in-depth reasons why certain foods are not advised. Am here to demystify these norms otherwise considered as no go zones as abs diet recipes.

Most people have been led to believe that red meat is dangerous for health and should never form part of your abs diet recipes. Some even go to the extent of having a specific quantity that one should take as a standard health portion.

This cannot be further than the truth if you know why. Do you know that an unhealthy animal naturally produces unhealthy meat?

Typically the kind of beef or bison that you buy from the butcher or local grocery store fails this test since that meat does not come from naturally breed animals. This type of meat should certainly not be part of your abs diet recipes.

Look these cows are fed on soy and corn and these foods are NOT natural foods for the animal. The poor animals were created to feed on grass and this affects the chemical imbalance of the animal totally.

You see soy and corn are way too high in omega-6 fatty acids and way too low on omega 3 fatty acids. Though the animals may look bigger and even presumed “healthier”, they are indeed bigger for all the wrong reasons.

Now on the other hand grass fed cattle are healthier by nature since the animals were meant to feed on grass and other foliage in the first place. The omega-3 fatty acids found in grass is much higher whereas the omega-6 fatty acids are lower. Call this reverse engineering of sorts but that’s the truth.

As a matter of fact, grass fed meat has up to thee times vitamin E as compared to grain fed meats. This is a plus for your balanced food intake and strongly recommended as an abs diet recipe.

Another secret on grass fed meat is that it also contains a much higher level of a special healthy fat called conjugated linoleic acid or CLA in much higher levels compared to the grain fed ones. Now this special CLA acid has been proven to responsible for fat burning and building very lean muscle which in turn helps you lose weight. This is ranked as one of the highest benefits in the chain of proteins that you get from consuming grass breed cattle.

Grass fed meat is naturally harder to find but it is a good thing to check around first before your next visit to the butcher. Ask your butcher or grocer if they are supplying grain fed meat or grass fed meat. Your future meat eating ventures depends on this from now on.

So if you are a meat lover or you crave for more meat portions than you are currently served and want red meat to be part of your abs diet recipes, there is a program that can help you maintain your lean body and at the same time eat you red meat in your desirable proportions.