22 No-Prep, Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Party Appetizers

It’s New Year’s Eve, you’re rushing out the door, and you realize that you need to bring a dish to the party you’re heading to. If you’re like us, you’ve spent your free time searching for the perfect glamorous outfit, contemplating your resolutions, and spending time with the family. After the hustle and bustle of Christmas entertaining, we tend to overlook the celebration that follows. Between family celebrations and reorganizing your entire house in the post-Christmas downtime, the five days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve pass in a flash—so it’s no wonder that the party snuck up on you. Here are our favorite fast and fancy New Year’s Eve appetizers that you can throw together in 60 minutes–or less. How’s that for a great end to the year?

Antonis Achilleos; Food Stylist: Ruth Blackburn; Prop Stylist: Christina Daley

Looking for something that just tastes like all the goodness of winter in a bite? You will love this Baked Brie With Pomegranate And Pistachios. With just a few fresh ingredients, you can throw together this winter appetizer in a snap!

Victor Protasio; Food Styling: Ruth Blackburn; Prop Styling: Missie Neville Crawford

Saltines are always a good idea because of their versatility. These Firecracker Saltines bring the heat, and are the perfect way to ring in the New Year.

Coastal Living

There’s nothing like some seafood to help start your New Year off right. It takes only 25 minutes to make this appetizer which practically ensures smooth sailing.

Jim Franco

Purchase a store bought Brie round, pop it in the oven for a few minutes, and drizzle with a sweet blend of cherry preserves, balsamic vinegar, and pepper. Done. It’ll be ready in 10!

Caitlin Bensel; Food Styling: Torie Cox

Because it is really a party without this old-school appetizer. An easy idea that’s made for smearing on veggie sticks or crackers.

Victor Protasio; Food Stylist: Margaret Dickey; Prop Stylist: Christina Daley

The beauty of the cheese ball – in creamy dip form.

Victor Protasio; Food Styling: Chelsea Zimmer; Prop Styling: Christina Daley

Olives are the perfect appetizer, but fried olives are next level delicious. In just 35 minutes, these olives are fried and ready to disappear from your serving trays before the clock strikes midnight.

Victor Protasio; Food Styling: Ruth Blackburn; Prop Styling: Christine Keely

Looking for something to make the last minutes before your guests arrive? Then you will love these potato chips with a sophisticated twist.

Alison Miksch; Food Stylist: Karen Rankin; Prop Stylist: Josh Hoggle

Brie and puff pastry make the ultimate party appetizer. Guests will love this buttery Baked Brie that takes less than an hour to assemble.

Hector Manuel Sanchez

Two is better than one. That’s why we combined two of our favorite cheeses, Feta and cream cheese, into this savory, simple cheese ball. Serve with crackers and cucumber slices. You will go from just having ingredients to the perfect appetizer in 45 minutes.

Photo: Iain Bagwell

The secret to buttery, flavorful toasted pecans? The addition of a few tablespoons of melted butter – and some patience. Roast them for 25 minutes on low temperature for an even toast.

Laurey W. Glenn

Crispy on the outside and rich and gooey on the inside, these flavorful bites are topped with a dollop of pepper jelly, flaky sea salt, and toasted pecans for a classic and unique Southern touch. They take just minutes to put together, which makes them all the more appealing.

William Dickey

Always a crowd-pleaser, caprese combines fresh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes for a bite-size taste of Italy. Even your kiddos will love these snacks that only take about 20 minutes to put together.

Antonis Achilleos; Prop Styling: Christina Lane; Food Styling: Tina Bell Stamos

Get a head start on your luck for the New Year. With black eyed peas, ham, jalapeno, and a whole lot of cheesy goodness, this dip will become a family favorite.

Ralph Lee Anderson

These veggie and roast beef bundles are a joy to make. The only cooking you’ll need to do is blanche the asparagus.

Jennifer Davick

Here’s the easiest way to trick your friends into thinking you’re a gourmet chef: salty cured ham meets creamy, fresh melon for a super-easy savory and sweet appetizer.

Micah A. Leal

Bacon truly makes everything better. This Sweet Onion And Bacon Dip is the best thing to ever happen to a potato chip. Trust us, y’all.

Oxmoor House

With three ingredients you can make an easy appetizer that wows every time. All you need to do is wrap a breadstick in bacon and then roll it in brown sugar. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Photographer: Jen Causey, Prop Stylist: Christine Keely, Food Stylist: Ana Kelly

Why not start off the new year with an old favorite? This black bean and corn salsa is a classic that’s always easy and delicious.

Victor Protasio; Food Styling: Ruth Blackburn; Prop Styling: Christine Keely

We cannot think of a better combination than Brie, fig, and pecan. It’s sweet with just the right amount of buttery savoriness that makes it a perfect bite.

Victor Protasio; Food Styling: Ruth Blackburn; Prop Styling: Christine Keely

Need to serve something with a little kick? This is the appetizer your next party needs. With spicy chorizo and other goodness, these poppers are the light of the party.

Antonis Achilleos; Food Styling: Emily Nabors Hall; Prop Styling: Missie Neville Crawford

Party up your peanuts! These candied peanuts are a fun, Southern addition to any cocktail bar.