10 Indian Beverages To Keep You Hydrated And Refreshed This Spring

10 Indian Beverages To Keep You Hydrated And Refreshed This Spring


Bhavana Verma

Updated:Apr 03, 2024

In Indian cuisine, refreshing drinks and beverages have always played a huge role in enriching the overall experience. Everchanging with the seasonal transformation, Indian beverage recipes have something for every time of the year, and Spring has the most beautiful collection.

10 Indian Beverages To Keep You Hydrated And Refreshed This Spring

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India has a history of crafting amazing recipes by using spices, and that includes beverages as well. If you were to make a music album of Indian cuisine, there would be an entirely new checklist for drinks featuring amazing flavour profiles ranging from spicy to cooling.

If you want to try something exceptional besides the usual fruit juices and mojitos, you must try these Indian beverages to make this season more exciting. From lassi to Panna, explore these amazing springtime beverages from India that give you a hydrating escape from scorching temperatures.

10 Hydrating Indian Beverages For Spring

Mago lassi is widely loved worldwide and has recently been recognized as the best beverage in the world. This creamy and warming lassi is more than just a milkshake. It features a savoury flavour of yoghurt melded with creamy mangoes, a sophisticated blend of spring flavours.

A combination of Jal or water and Jeera or cumin creates this hydrating blend filled with nutrients and refreshing ingredients like ginger, mint, and tamarind. This hydrating drink is also known for its digestive properties and aids with springtime allergies as well.

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Masala chaas, also called spiced buttermilk, combine buttermilk with cumin, coriander, mint, and salt. Buttermilk cools the body and hydrates, helping to quench thirst. It is also rich in nutrients like calcium, potassium, and vitamin B12.

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Kokum sharbat is a refreshing drink made with kokum fruits, rose petals, sugar, and water. This drink is especially popular in the Goa region, where kokum fruit is mostly grown. The floral taste combined in a hydrating drink brings the spirit of spring to your glass.

Feni is made with cashews and is a special springtime drink. It is consumed to mark the beginning of the harvest season for cashew fruits. This alcoholic beverage offers a refreshing and light choice to savour during the spring season.

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Kanji is widely associated with the Holi festival, which is celebrated to welcome spring. It is a fermented drink made from carrots, mustard seeds, and water. Fermentation adds a tangy and sour taste and also activates probiotic properties in the drink.

Those who have fond memories of their hometown can recall sipping on kala khatta ice gola in childhood while playing in the sun. Kala khatta is a juice extracted from black currant or kala jamun. The juice is mixed with black salt, sugar, and spices and diluted with water.

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Sattu, or roasted gram flour, is used to make this revitalizing drink. It is mixed with water and spices like roasted cumin, black salt, and sometimes lemon juice or mint leaves. Along with being a thirst-quenching solution, this drink offers a nutritious boost to the body.

Fruit juices are good for spring, but these Indian beverages are better than the best. If you want to add more fun to spring in the US, you have to try these rejuvenating Indian beverages and taste something different.